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Every once in a while your home needs a deep and thorough cleaning. One of the best opportunities you have is during the early spring when the weather is just starting to become nice again. Spring cleaning gives you the chance to air out your home and make it fresh again after a long winter of being closed up.

Get out your best sponges, cleaning products, brooms, and more to make sure you get all the nooks and crannies of your home this year! Here are some tips to help you get your work done in the most efficient way possible:



  1. Look for Winter Damage

Before you clean different parts of the outside of your home, it’s important to inspect for any damage that might have happened from snow, ice, or any other winter weather. Check the roof shingle, driveway, siding on the house, and your deck or patio. If there’s no damage, proceed to normal cleaning. If there is damage, fix it first before you move on.

  1. Use a Medium-High Pressure Spray Hose Nozzle

When you’re cleaning outside, the hose spray nozzle can be your best friend. It’s great for cleaning the house siding, bricks, the wooden porch or deck, the gutters, driveway, and many other places. Make sure to get a spray nozzle with medium-high pressure for the best cleaning.

  1. Clean and Arrange Outdoor Furniture

Sometimes we tend to think that outdoor furniture doesn’t need any attention because it is made sturdier than regular furniture. While it’s true that this stuff is usually heartier, you should still take soap and water and wash down pieces before you use them again. If there are any cushions, beat the dust from them and hang them to air out.

  1. Mulch the Garden for A Filled-in Appearance

Want your garden to look full even before your plants grow in? Putting mulch in your garden and around trees and bushes is a great way to make the yard look filled-in and neat while also helping your gardens to avoid growing weeds.

      5. Make Sure Your Gutters Are Clear

When the spring rains come, your gutter system is one of the best protections for your property.  If your gutters are clogged, it can cost you thousands of dollars in damage.  Hire a company to do this for you, or do it yourself.

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  1. Wash Your Walls and Wall Fixtures

While the floor and other horizontal surfaces catch most of the dust and dirt, the walls and wall fixtures still need some attention at least once a year. You can take a wet, slightly soapy rag or sponge and wash the walls before drying with a clean rag.

  1. Bring New Life to Your Drapes

Drapes don’t need to be washed often, but for an easy solution to dusty drapes all you have to do is throw them in the dryer with a damp towel for about 15 minutes. This will help them to become dust-free and to get light and fluffy again before you hang them.

  1. Invest in a Small Window Squeegee

Cleaning windows is much easier if you get a small window squeegee such as the kind you might find in an auto parts store. It’s quicker, easier, and usually more effective than using a wet rag and drying.

  1. Make Your Faucets Sparkle Again

Have your faucets built up some ugly looking hard lime deposits? No problem! Soak a paper towel vinegar and rest it on the deposits for between 30 minutes to an hour. Once you remove the paper towel, the deposits will have softened and should be easy to remove.

  1. Clean Out Your Garbage Disposal Naturally

Garbage disposals can start to stink from food build-up inside. Cut a lemon into quarters and put the four pieces, a few ice cubes, and a tablespoon of salt into the disposal to turn it on. This should eliminate all bad odors while also cleaning out the garbage disposal inside.

  1. Rain-X the Glass Shower Doors and Windows

Tired of wiping down shower glass all the time? Put some Rain-X for cars onto the glass and wipe it in well. This will bead up the water and send it down instead of collecting water on the glass and making a mess later on. You can also do this to the outer side of windows or glass doors to help avoid the need for frequent cleaning.

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Now that you’re armed with a few more handy tips for spring cleaning, it’s about time to get started! There’s no use in delaying since it is something that has to be done one way or another, so mark your calendar for the best day and get started spring cleaning your home as soon as possible.



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