As a homeowner, you live the risk of a bugler choosing your house for a heist. At some point, you consider seeking the services of a security company to provide that extra security. As much as it may seem like a good idea, the expenses you will incur will probably discourage you. There simple and less expensive alternatives to help your home be safe.

Involve your family

Many burglaries happen due to the simple fact that doors are left unlocked during the night or during the day when you and your family are at work or school. Remind them always to lock the doors and make sure windows are closed.

Install window grills

If the windows are bare, consider installing window grills. This may sound very unappealing, but you can access grills that have that aesthetic appeal you are looking for.

Security lighting

Lights are a good way to deter potential buglers. Install outdoor lights with motion detectors so that the burglar will be deterred from coming near the house.

Perform a security drill

A mock burglary with your neighbor will help you identify the weak spots in your home. If there are valuables that can be easily stolen you neighbor will help identify them and give you other ways of keeping them from the bugler.

Trim your bush hedges

If your hedges are too, bushy be sure that an intruder can easily hide with their help. Keep them short and well pruned so that it does not serve as their hiding spot.

Partner with neighbors

Having a good relationship with your neighbors will help you in the long run. If you have a neighbor that is home during the day while you are at work and children are at school ask them to keep an eye on your house.

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