Are you intending to install an in-ground pool? Here are a few steps you need to take.


1. Know your pool

Do not jump the gun and start digging the ground without knowing the type of pool you want to install. There are vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete pools all of which have their installation and maintenance procedures. Concrete pools are popular since they are easily customizable compared to fiberglass. However, fiberglass is more durable than vinyl or concrete.

2. Cost

Most people are in search of swimming pools under the assumption that it is relatively the cheapest. However, research has shown that there are other conditions such as geographical conditions, pool accessories, and design determines the price. Concrete is considered to be the most expensive generally but the jury is still out when it comes to vinyl and fiberglass since fiberglass can be much more expensive depending on the design.

3. Confirm with building and zoning

Depending on where you are situated, there are different regulations when it comes to construction. Visit your nearest building and zoning regulation body before digging for the pool.

4. Choose the position of pool

Make sure that the pool is located in an ideal position full of sunshine. It should also be in a high area to avoid flooding as well as clear from trees and eclectic wires.

5. Settle for a circulation system

No pool is complete without a circulation system to keep the swimming pool full of clean fresh water. The circulation system ensures that this happens by pumping the water through a filtration and cleaning system before pumping it back to the pool.

6. Watch out for extra costs
Installing in ground pools come with costs that go beyond just the pool. Other costs come from additions such as accessories, decking, landscaping and lighting. When you are planning your pool construction, be sure to include these in the final budget.

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