How to Improve Property Interior to Sell a House Quickly

inexpensive home improvements

In a housing slump those who must sell a property quickly are likely to encounter difficulties. In addition, lack of time and money may make extensive interior renovations impossible. Fortunately, homeowners can entice buyers and sell faster by making inexpensive home improvements.

Home buyers often narrow a housing search to a specific neighborhood, then begin only looking in that area. Houses in that location are likely to be similar, having been built around the same time. There may be several properties in that neighborhood for sale, all competing for the same buyers. Small interior details can make one house stand out above others.

Staging a Home to Attract a Buyer and Sell a House Quickly

staging a home

“Staging” refers to furnishing and decorating a house in order to attract a buyer. This can be the most cost efficient way to improve the look of a house. For best results, sellers should use some furniture and decor in listings and open houses so that buyers see the property as a comfortable home.

Ideal staging limits items in each room to a minimal amount. Large amounts of clutter can make rooms look smaller. Toys should be removed from all rooms other than children’s bedrooms. Get a head start on moving by packing up most knickknacks and collectables.

Improving Property Interior by Painting

interior painting

Consider repainting each room to give the home a fresh look, especially if walls have any marks, scuffs or holes. Buyers also tend to be attracted to houses with neutral colored walls. This makes rooms appear larger and allows the buyer to easily paint each room the color of his or her choice after purchasing the home. Consider repainting any bold colored walls with white, beige or tan.

Unfortunately for those with older properties, wallpaper is not the current decorating trend. Buyers may be put off by the idea of having to remove wallpaper in a house. Removing the wallpaper in a home can be done by the owners for around $150 for several rooms. Liquid wallpaper remover and rollers can be purchased in hardware stores.

Inexpensive Home Improvements to Flooring

carpet cleaning

Replacing carpeting in a home is a large investment, but will also increase the value of the property. However, if carpet is in relatively good condition, its look can be improved without the spending the money on replacement or professional cleaning. Owners can clean the carpet themselves by renting a carpet cleaner from a grocery store. Stores typically charge $30 to $50 per day, plus the cost of the cleaning solution.

Beautiful hardwood floors can also add value to a home, but having them professionally refinished can be costly. This can also be a do-it-yourself project for much less. Hardware stores rent industrial buffers and sanders, and sell refinishing supplies as well. Many of these stores also offer free tutorial classes for novices at floor improvements.

For those who need to sell a property quickly, inexpensive improvements can speed the process. The time and money invested in staging, painting, wall paper removal and floor improvements will be well spent if they contribute to the sale of the house. Finally, if the property is already on the market, be sure to update pictures in listings after changes are complete.

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